The Student Nations

Remember that the nations are there for you – even when the world isn’t exactly what it used to be. A nation membership gives you a fellowship that will always remain, no matter where you are. You can always contact your nation if you need someone to talk to, if you are looking for a place to study, if you want to apply for nation scholarships or housing, or if you want to know when the next ball takes place!

Ps! If you are a new member, remember to contact or visit your nation to complete your membership in order to get your regular nation card.

Stockholm nation was founded in 1649 and has garnished a lot of students' study time ever since. Today, the nation is famous for its legendary Thursday club and the annual Marsspex, but at the Nation there is something for everyone.

At Uplands, the open and welcoming nation, you can both experience student traditions such as gasks as well as drinking coffee in Ebbas café or a burger in Svantes pub.

GH is about good food, good drink and good company. We are open 360 days a year and have something for everyone! Medium sized, we are big enough to have a lot happening, but small enough to make you feel welcome.

Östgöta nation is your second living room while you’re a student. At Östgöta you can study, drink coffee, go to a club, sing in a choir, work in the pub, apply for scholarships and much more.

One of the oldest student nations has its home in the oldest nation house. Here you find several cultural activities, a welcoming atmosphere and many possibilities to try nice food and drinks.

At Snerikes it's almost always life and movement. We party, sing, play theater and gasquer are being prepared. All in our own comfortable living room.

V-Dala nation is one of the bigger nations in town. We offer scholarships, clubs and gasks, library and associations in our white Aalto-castle. And of course a lot of housing. At V-Dala there is something for everyone!

Smålands nation is a smaller nation, which we only see as an advantage. The nation is like a second living room, where all your friends hang out. Want some coffe? We have it! Want to work? Do it here!

A nation is a student organization that defines the social part of the student life. Göteborgs Nation is the smallest nation in Uppsala. We have about 500 member and were established in 1667.

The small nation with a big heart is the place where the most important thing is to have fun! Our nation is filled with colorful parties, a rich variety of activities and wonderfully happy people. Uppsala's foremost music nation and a place for you who wants to have an active student life.

Welcome to the nation where everything is possible. As a member you have the opportunity to actually influence the everyday life in the nation.

Welcome to the world’s largest student nation! Thanks to our size and our broad range of activities there is something for everyone. There is always something going on at the nation and we are open more than we are closed.

On Östra Ågatan 13, right next to the Fyris river, with a great view of the Cathedral, you find Gotland’s nation. The second smallest nation, the only one on the right side of the river and the only one that’s organically certified through KRAV.