Uppsala teknolog- och naturvetarkår

Are you studying engineering or science in Uppsala? Then we are #yourstudentunion! We are improving your studies and student life at the same time. You can turn to us both if you want to be a part of the most fun Uppsala can offer or if you have problems with your study situation. Membership is free!

Are you an engineer or science student? Then we are #yourstudentunion!

We are the student union for and by everyone who is studying engineering or science in Uppsala and we have a lot to offer. Our primary purpose is to monitor the students interest concerning our educational quality and continuously improve your time as a student, which is something we do every day. If you ever have any problems concerning your education or see possibilities of improvement you can always come to us.

Every autumn we arrange our career fair Utnarm, where you can meet and greet with representatives of over 100 corporations and organizations, so you can have a way in to the industry after you are done with your studies.

We also work with social events and the schedule is full every year with a lot of activities. The receptions are probably the first thing you notice, but beside that we have more to offer – in particular Uppsalas biggest tradition, The River Rafting.

The activities are all arranged by and for our members and there are unlimited possibilities for you to involve yourself in the union. Last but not least, the membership is FREE!