Gotlands studentkår Rindi

Gotlands studentkår Rindi is the union for students at Campus Gotland. We are monitoring the education provided on campus, student rights as well as provide social activities. Here you can meet and get to know other students.

Our main goal is to improve the situation for the students on Campus Gotland, by representing the student voice at the university and Region Gotland. Contact us to voice your opinion or if you have an idea on how to improve the situation for students at campus. If you’re in need of guidance or help regarding your education the student union is here for you.

Our sections work both with union specific questions and social events. They make sure all students have a good education and something to do outside the classrooms.

Social activities
Our Guilds arrange the social activities for the students on Campus Gotland like bar- and kitchen, DJ, parties and so on, and we also have activities like fire arts, choirs, football and basketball. This is open for all of our members to try out and join, which we strongly recommend that you do.

As an active member you’re able to get a lot of experience and knowledge in what you decide to do – you can become a student representative, bartender, party planner.. We recommend that you become active of the simple reason that you get so much more out of Rindi that way. You get a large friend group, memories and experiences for life. At Rindi everyone’s welcome!