We're glad that you want to join!

 To become a member online, first you must create a profile and log in. Follow the steps below to create a profile (if you already have a profile, go directly to step 2):

  • Have you been accepted to Uppsala University and the second admission notice has arrived? Good! Note that you can only create a profile once the entire admission process is finished (and with a few weeks delay thereafter). This is because we don’t recieve information about newly admitted students until then.
  • To create a profile you need a T-number from Uppsala University (if you don’t have a Swedish personnummer/social security number).
  • Click on the green button below to get a password to your account. The password is sent to the e-mail that has been given to you from Uppsala University. Check your junk mail if you haven’t recieved your password. If you need help, send an e-mail to portal@kuratorskonventet.se!
  • Log in by clicking on “Logga in” in the menue, and use your T-number and the password that was sent to your mail.

2. Once you have created your profile and logged in, follow the steps below to become a member in a student union and/or nation:

  • Click on the green button ”My pages” in the right corner.
  • Scroll down and click on ”Join a nation/union”. There you can choose which nations and unions you cant to join.
  • Click on ”Choose nation/union” on the one/s that you choose. When you are happy, scroll down to the ”Join”-button”.
  • Follow the instructions to pay your membership.
  • Download the Studentkortet app. In 1-2 days, you will have your yellow, temporary card in the app.
  • Please note! To get your regular card physically and in the app, as a new student you have to contact or visit the nation that you just became a member of during their visit hours to fulfill your membership.

Welcome to the student life of Uppsala!